2THESSALONIANS. CONCURNING the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and by our gathering togather unto hem, that day shall not come except the son of Perdition be revealed. which is the POPE. will be revealed before the Christ comes for the Church. We have got to reveal the man of sin the, Pope so Jesus can catch away the  Church. MAN OF SIN IS,THE POPE. THE REASON HE IS THE MAN OF SIN HE BLASPHEMIES THE FATHEER THE SON AND THE HOLY GHOST, HE BLASPHEMIES FATHER BY CLAMING TO BE FATHER GEBERAL. HE BLASHEMIES THE SON BY CLAMING TO BE CHRIST INSTED. HE BLAEPHEMIES THE HOLY GHOST BY CLAIMING TO BE HIS HOLIENESS. THOSE THAT PREACH AN ANTICHRIST ARE PREACHING A FALSE PROPHESY. THESE ARE THE MANY FALSE PROPHETS JESUS SAID         SEND an offreing to George Musick  2oo cherry lane apartment 9 D. Dunn N. C. zip 28334.   MILLIANS ARE BEING DECEIVE  1,TIMOTHY,2;5,one mediator between God and men the man CHRIST JESUS. If we mediator through any other sorce than to throw JESUS WE comit spiritual fornication against Christ, if we do this we will receive A mark of the beast. THIS IS the mark of the beast, to mediator through any other source than Christ      What is the mark of the beast.   (UNPREPARED FOR REIGN OF THE BEAST.
Its good to be looking for the second coming of the lord Jesus Christ. but the Reing of the Beast comes first,as I have explain in my web site in these scriptures. Immediately afterthe tribulation. MATTHEWS 24,29. Daniel 12, 1;
time of trouble such as was never. and at this time thy people shall be deliverd. During this triblation the Rapture takes place. but the triblation or time of trouble takes place first.
II Thessalonians 3,- first the son of perdition will be be revealed.----- - then the catching away of the Elects will take place. studdie my web site at (
 the mark in the forehead and right hand is to mediator through any other sourse other than through CHRIST, this is spiritural fornication, the mark of the beast.  DANIEL (PAGE(2s)       
(NEXT PAGE)   TRIBULATION AND EVER MOVIE. (HOW THE BEAST COMES ABOUT. What most People call the Antichrist is, the Man of SIN, the man of sin is a false Christ NOT AN ANTICHRIST, EITHER WE STAND AGAINST THE FALSE PROPHECY OF ANTICHRIST OR FALL WITH THIS FALSE DOCTRINE I say that because an antichrist is one that is worshiped, but the man of sin is not worshiped. YOU MUST Listen TO THE WORD OF GOD. THE DOCTORING OF ANTICHRIST IS BASED UPON THREE FALSE TRANSLATED WORDS OF THE BIBLE. AS IN 2THESSALONIANS 2 above all that is called GOD (or,That is Worshiped.) These three word (That is Worshiped. THIS WOULD MAKES THE MAN OF SIN AN ANTICHRIST, AND this would be so if THESE THREE WORDS WERE TRUE BUT THIS IS A FALSE TRANSLATION OF THE WORD OF GOD. these three words are a miss translation. But in the INTERLINEAR  translation BIBLE, Hebrew English Translation Word for Word, IT READS LIKE THIS, 2THESSALONIANS 2;4' exalting him self over every thing  called God, or objects of worshiped. The three Words (Object of Worshiped) CAUSES HIM NOT TO BE WORSHIPED. He is not Worshiped, Just as the POPE IS NOT WORSHIPED, The three Words Object of Worshiped Causes the Man if SIN not to be Worshiped. An Object of Worship Is the Candle Stick the Alter, Even the temple is an Object of Worshiped, THESE Three Words Object of Worshiped, this makes THE MAN OF SIN not to be WORSHIPED. The Doctoring Of Antichrist is BASED UPON THREE MIS TRANSLATION WORDS OF THE WORD OF GOD. 

Those that have been involved in this (miss translation, adding and taking away through the translation of the Word of God ARE not HELD responsible for the adding and taking away? AS OF YET, BUT AFTER READING THESE WORDS THEY WILL HAVE NO EXCUSE FOR THEIR ERROR. Before now they could get by because they had no understanding of their earror.  As in Romans 5:13, Sin is not imputed where there is no law. the law being, the word of God. The reason the Pope is the Man of SIN, is He Blasphemies God on every front, THE POPE LED THE CRUSADES During the days of the CRUSADES, millions of PROTESTANTS and others were martyred  Some have compared the POPES With ADOF HITLER. And the POPE claim to be JESUS CHRIST, Blasphemies CHRIST, Thus being the greatest SINNER. THEIR ARE NO ANTICHRIST TO RISE AS A DICTATOR, AND BUILD A TEMPLE IN JERUSALEM.  Christ is God. if you doe not study the word of God, you will be deceive and receive the mark of the beast,  This is BLASPHEMY AND A SIN CLAMING TO BE JESUS CHRIST, OR CHRIST INSTEAD. The Man of SIN Already started to work, in the days of the APOSTLE PAUL. Even though the mark, which is Spiritual fornication has been all these years their sins of fornication was not COMPULSORY,  Because the people had no understanding of it.  In Romans 5:13, Sin is not imputed where their is no law.  The law being, the word of God.  The mark will be compulsory effective during the 3, and a half years of the reign of the Beast, and his Image.  Back to 2THESS.2:7, For the mystery of iniquity doeth already work.  Only he who will let it will it work, until he be taken out of the way.  (Verse  8, Who the LORD, shall destroy with his Coming).  An ANTICHRIST, is A FALSE GOD, and to worship, and follow an antichrist, is to commit Spiritual IDOLATRY. The reason ISRAEL committed idolatry they were MARRIED to GOD the FATHER.   As in Jeremiah 3:14, turn O backsliding Children said the LORD, For I am Married unto you.   If We worship an Antichrist, or A false God, this is Spiritual IDOLATRY.   SPIRITUAL FORNICATION, can only be committed by those, that are unmarried Spiritually. This is the reason this, is spiritual fornication, and not IDOLATRY.  The difference between commit FORNICATION and IDOLATRY is, we are not married to CHRIST.   We are engaged to CHRIST.   We are to be married to CHRIST, at the marriage supper of the lamb, as in Revelation.  Revelation 19:9, blessed are THOSE that are called, unto the marriage supper of the LAMB.  To have another CHRIST on earth, or a CHRIST instead is to commit spiritual FORNICATION, against CHRIST.   BABYLON IS MADE UP ENTIRELY OF THOSE THAT COMMIT SPIRITUAL FORNICATION AGAINST CHRIST. THESE THAT COMMIT SPIRITUAL FORNICATION THROUGH SACRAMENTS. OR MEDIATE THROUGH A FALSE MEDIATOR. The POPE IS A FALSE CHRIST OR MEDIATOR Concerning the mark of the beast in the right hand.   The right hand is used symbolic, meaning that which is right, or as in righteousness.    As in Matthew 25:33, And he shall set the sheep, on his right hand, but the goats on the left hand.  The left hand meaning, as in unrighteousness.    We must realize that almost every thing in DANIEL, and Revelation is symbolic, as in Matthew.   Matthew 5:30, And if your right hand offend you, cut it off.  We know that to cut your right hand off will not stop anything. This is spiritually speaking symbolically, as in righteousness.   The mark 666 is in your righteousness of your faith, as in 2John.

What makes this deadly is it is administered through the ministries or minister, administered this way this is going through another mediator other than through Jesus Christ. There is but one mediator as in 1Tim. 2;5. one mediator between God and men the man Christ Jesus, when we receive the bread and wine we have to mediator through Christ this is as in 1Cornthians 11, 24, and 25. as often as you take the bread and wine in remembrance of my death and resurrection. if we take it this way we mediator through Christ. Christ. but if we take the bread and wine as ministered through the ministries or minister this is going through another mediator which makes this an intimate relation ship with Satan and spiritual fornication against Christ. This is the way the mark of the beast is coming, this is through sacraments that is administered through the minister or administers as a mediator. 

   2John If their come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, Receive him not into your house neither bid him GOD speed. This is the way they will deceive those that received, the mark of the beast. The mark in the right hand, is to receive  Sacraments that are suppose to be changed, into the blood, and body of CHRIST. The only way we can receive SACRAMENTS, is in remembrance of CHRIST.   Any other way, is spiritual fornication against CHRIST. You can find all these things explained, in my book of PROPHESY.

But the mark in the forehead is another thing.  The FOREHEAD is symbolic, meaning in the mind, as in EPHESIANS.  Ephesians 1:13, After that you believed you were SEALED, with that Holy Spirit of PROMISE.    Again in Revelation 7:3, Hurt not the Earth until we have sealed the Servants of our GOD, as in EPH.1:13, And Revelation. The mark in the FOREHEAD, is to accept the POPE, and the Priest as a mediator between God, and Man. A false mediator, is a Minister ministering  sacraments of bread and wine that is suppose to be changed into the elements of the body and blood of Christ, one Mediator, as in 1Timothy 2:5, One Mediator between GOD, and Men the Man CHRIST JESUS.  The mark in the Right Hand, is to Mediate SACRAMENTS through a minister or ministries  or a priest. We only receive Bread, and Wine as in remembrance  of CHRIST.   To receive the Bread, and Wine as being changed, this is a False Mediator. A false mediator is a false CHRIST between GOD, and MEN. The mark will become, Compulsory Effective, when the POPE, gives the World ,and National Churches Authority.    This will be when, they give them Authority, to receive Sacraments, in his NAME.
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